'There’s no where to get the money from!' Stephanie Ruhle hilariously smacks down Trump's infrastructure plan
MSNBC anchors Katy Tur and Stephanie Ruhle.

MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle thoroughly debunked the viability President Donald Trump's infrastructure package, during an appearance with Katy Tur on Friday to discuss the brief overnight government shutdown.

"It is Republicans that never wanted do this and to your point, we've already added $1 trillion $2 trillion to our debt because of those corporate tax cuts," Ruhle noted.

"And to a layman watching, it is a very ambiguous thing. What is the debt? No one feels any relationship to it. Okay, it has gone up, what does it mean for me?" Tur asked.

"If I said it is a trillion -- it's a gazillion -- you won't know the difference. This is abstract and doesn't affect us, but it does if you think about what will have to get cut. It does if you think about how we're going to have to borrow as a country," Ruhle explained.

"I feel like an asteroid crashed and nothing burned and it made me wonder when you look at Republicans, and you look at what they have decided to do a 180 on in the time that Donald Trump has been in office, what else should we expect?" Tur asked Jake Sherman, of Politico.

"They should really go home go home until the election. I don't think an infrastructure deal will come together. Can you imagine spending another trillion dollars right now?" Sherman asked.

"There's no where to get the money from. Gary Cohn has told the president, 'el presidente, no dinero aqui,'" Ruhle explained.

"To say we'll have states pay for it, states can't run deficits. And if you think it will come from private funding? they want 15 percent returns," Ruhle continued.

"We're no longer the safest haven around. Right now, sure, we are the prettiest girl in the ugly class, whatever those phrases are, but things ain't looking good," Ruhle concluded.