‘You told us you got away with it!’ GOP women torch Trump’s lame denial of forcibly kissing woman
Republican strategists Ana Navarro and Margaret Hoover discuss sexual harassment allegations against President Donald Trump with CNN's Alisyn Camerota (Screen cap).

Two Republican women on Wednesday torched President Donald Trump's furious denial this week that he ever forcibly kissed Rachel Crooks, who used to work at Trump Tower.

During a CNN panel discussing the president's insistence that he would never kiss a woman he didn't know in broad daylight, Republican strategist Ana Navarro pointed out Trump's own comments on the "Access Hollywood" video showed otherwise.

"Yesterday in the tweet he asked, 'Who would do that?' You would do that," Navarro said. "You told us you would do that. You told us you got away with doing that because you were a celebrity. You told us you grabbed women by the genitals. You told us you kissed women, that you couldn't help yourself. You told us that you would do that."

Republican consultant Margaret Hoover, meanwhile, shared Navarro's disgust for Trump's behavior and roasted members of her own party for continuing to stand by him.

"The Republican Party doesn't pretend to be a party of moral courage at the moment," she said. "It is totally transactional, and you see that in its vast examples of how the religious right has rallied around him knowing full well he paid off a porn star when his wife just had their child."

At the end of the panel, she also warned her party that "winter is coming" at the midterm elections this year because "these women have been mobilized."

Watch the video below.