It took Van Jones less than 1 minute to explain and debunk Trump's whining about 'chain migration'
Image from Van Jones video on CNN (Screenshot)

On his CNN show Saturday night, Van Jones showed a short video explaining so-called "chain migration" -- a phrase frequently used by President Donald Trump to attack the current immigration system.

"Currently, U.S. citizens are allowed to sponsor only their spouses or fiances, their children or parents, and their siblings. That's it. If you're a green card holder, you're allowed to sponsor your spouse and your unmarried children just for permanent residence," Jones explained.

"Now, in theory, they could sponsor their family members, who could then sponsor their family members, creating this long chain. But that scenario is highly unlikely, because the process is just not that easy. It takes years, sometimes even decades, for a single family member to get approved for a visa."

"So the term 'chain migration' is not only misleading -- it's considered highly insulting and derogatory to many immigrants," Jones said. "Good thing the official term for this is family reunification. Keeping families together. That doesn't sound quite as scary."

Watch the video below: