Trump-backing columnist who called migrants 'feral' can't leave South Africa after taking ketamine and 'spreading racial hatred'
Conservative shock jock Katie Hopkins, image via screengrab.

A conservative British columnist and fan of President Donald Trump has been detained in South Africa after taking ketamine and being accused of "spreading racial hatred" by government authorities.

The Evening Standard reported Tuesday that "independent journalist" Katie Hopkins traveled to South Africa on a fact-finding mission to discover evidence of white farmers being killed by their black counterparts in the former apartheid state. When she tried to leave the country, however, she said her passport had been "marked for spreading racial hatred."

Earlier in the week, the Standard noted, Hopkins collapsed in the streets of Johannesburg after taking ketamine, a horse tranquilizer used by some to get high. She claimed to have taken the tranquilizer for her epilepsy.

Hopkins went on to use the detainment to continue to promote and ask for donations for her documentary on supposed "military-style" attacks on white members of the country's agriculture industry.

"Amazing security co-ordination from a country where police do not respond to white farm murders because they are 'on lunch break,'" she said.

Hopkins is known to audiences in the United Kingdom for her racial animus. In 2015, she wrote a column touted on the cover of The Sun where she said migrants from Africa should be met on Europe's shores with guns, later calling them "a plague of feral humans."

Watch Hopkins' account of her detainment below: