Trump calls Fox’s Judge Jeanine to ramble incessantly about guns, parades and ‘bad guy’ Adam Schiff
Jeanine Pirro and Trump (Photo: Instagram)

Donald Trump called into Jeanine Pirro's Fox News Channel show on Saturday night to offer a discursive rant about Adam Schiff's just-released memo and the Russian investigation.

Trump opened with a broadside of Schiff, who he accused of being "a leaker" who engaged in behavior that was "probably illegal."

"He's a bad guy," Trump said.

Trump seemed buoyant about the memo Schiff wrote to debunk the Devin Nunes memo.

"The memo was a nothing," Trump said. "That's a very bad document for their side."

If things continue in this direction, Trump said that Devin Nunes would be "very greatly honored."

Trump was defiant about charges of collusion between his campaign and Russia, saying that after 18 months "nothing" has happened. He said Hillary was a bad candidate and that he did not want to brag, but that he was a good candidate.

"There was nothing to do with Russians," Trump said.

"Clearly, all the evidence points to that," said Pirro.

Trump went on to blame Obama for not doing anything about the Russian interference and then urge the nation to come together.

"We have to come together as a nation, and we need to get it done," he said. "We shouldn't be fighting like this, we should all be on the same team."

"The one thing they're incredible at is obstruction," Trump said of the Democrats, claiming that he was "very good" with "the Hispanics" and trying to reach a deal on the Dreamers. Trump said that the Democrats have "actually agreed to" the wall but that he "has to get more," including an end to chain migration.

Pirro ended the interview by asking Trump about military parades: "Are we going to have a parade?"

Trump said he'd like to to "celebrate" his increased military spending "probably" on veteran's day. July 4 would also be good, he said, with the parade running up and down Pennsylvania Avenue.

"We'll have a tremendous, updated, top-of-the-line—there will be nothing like it," he said.