'Trying to lose his job': CNN panel says John Kelly is leaking on Ivanka to escape 'West Wing Hunger Games'
White House Chief of Staff John Kelly (Screen capture)

CNN reported on Monday night that White House chief of staff John Kelly and other Trump administration officials were annoyed that the president sent his own daughter over to South Korea to conduct international diplomacy.

In particular, Kelly reportedly said that first daughter Ivanka Trump was "playing government" in a very high-stakes situation involving North Korea, a hostile nuclear-armed foreign power.

Reacting to this leak on Tuesday morning, CNN panelist A.B. Stoddard said it sounds like Kelly is simply doing whatever he can to get himself fired.

"The idea that this would leak means he's either trying to lose his job... that he's having these conversations with people that he knows will leak this," she said. "Or -- he's being set up. And I would put nothing past this West Wing in terms of their 'Hunger Games.'"

Stoddard went on to say that Kelly has done his best to handle the "threesome" that actually runs the United States government -- that is, President Trump, Ivanka Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner -- but he's found it impossible to wean Trump off relying on his family for advice.

"It's impenetrable," Stoddard said. "He leans on them entirely. And I think the chief of staff was willing to put up with that, and he can't take it anymore and that means he's probably going to leave."

Watch the video below.