WATCH: Ana Navarro on Nunes rebuttal to Dem rebuttal: 'So irresponsible, so off the rails'
Ana Navarro on CNN/Screenshot

Today House Democrats released the long-awaited rebuttal to Devin Nunes partisan memo attacking the Trump Russian investigation just as the chairman of the House Intelligence committee was speaking at CPAC.

It added another chapter to an already messy story involving the way Republicans in the House have handled the investigation to Russia's interference in the 2016 election.

CNN's Ana Navarro was not having it.

"It's amazing to me that this is going on at CPAC, which I think this year stands for Crazy PAC," she said on a panel this afternoon. "We have already seen that at that convention, John McCain, a national hero dealing with brain cancer, was booed. The guy who said that America is a nation of immigrants was booed. A conservative woman who went on and said Roy Moore and Donald Trump were sexual harassers was booed and had to be escorted out by security."

Nunes was warmly received at CPAC, where he was the final speaker.

"I think it tells you what the Trump base has become. They're going to believe anything that Donald Trump or Devin Nunes says," she said. "The folks who want to believe Nunes do. the folks who want to believe the Democrats do. I feel this investigation is just so politicized. So irresponsible, so off the rails. It's like the American people are being asked to be mediators in the midst of a divorce."

You watch the segment below.