WATCH: Black customer gets vindication after Old Navy employees accuse him of stealing his own jacket
James Conley III stands at the checkout desk in Old Navy (Screen cap).

Employees at an Old Navy store in West Des Moines, Iowa are being accused of racially profiling a black customer whom they accused of stealing his own jacket.

As reported by local news station KCCI, James Conley III went to the checkout counter at Old Navy earlier this week to buy a pair of hoodies -- and then the person at the counter told him that he would have to pay for the jacket he was wearing as well.

Conley said he couldn't believe employees thought that he had swiped a jacket off the shelves and tried to sneak off with it, especially given that white customers ahead of him were wearing similar Old Navy jackets.

"There were customers, Caucasian, in front of me and behind me, who had on Old Navy apparel similar to what I had on, and they didn't get checked or anything," he explained to KCCI.

Conley refused to pay for his own jacket, which he had received as a Christmas gift last year, thus prompting the store manager to check security camera footage to see if Conley had entered the store wearing the jacket.

When security camera footage confirmed that Conley had indeed worn the jacket into the store, he was allowed to leave without having to pay for something he already owned.

"I didn't get any apology from the district manager, the store manager or other employees," Conley told KCCI.

Conley posted videos of the incident on his Facebook page where they've been shared more than 100,000 times.

Check out Conley's Facebook videos below.