WATCH: Gun dealer who sold weapons to Las Vegas killer blames bad parenting for mass murder
David Famiglietti on the Van Jones show/Screenshot

An unrepentant firearms dealer who sold weapons to Las Vegas mass murderer Stephen Paddock went on Van Jones' show today to say that bad parenting is to blame for incidents like the recent Parkland police shooting.

David Famiglietti has admitted to selling "a few guns" to Stephen Paddock, the killer who slaughtered 58 people and injured 489 more. Famiglietti later described Paddock as a "nut job."

"I'm obviously a gun enthusiast and a hunter and I have a reason to have what I have," he said. "And I also believe I don't need a reason to have what I have."

CNN's Van Jones took Famiglietti and two of Paddock's surviving victims for a ride around Las Vegas to discuss gun control.

"We all had guns in our trucks in high school and nobody shot up the schools," Famiglietti said. "I think we have to look at what the real problem is—I don't think it's the guns. I think maybe we have to look at some parenting."

In the case of Paddock, bad parenting may have been a factor. The 64-year-old gambler and firearms enthusiast did have a father who was on the FBI's most-wanted list.

"Do you understand that if you ban guns tomorrow or the sell of guns or took my guns away, that it don't help your child's safety at all? Because the guns in the hands of the wrong people are still out there?" Famiglietti said. "Nobody has ever come up with something that will actually help."

Famiglietti opposes regulation of bump stocks and silencers.

"Bump stocks have nothing to do with it. Bump stock that's making you fire a rifle faster. It's almost silly, you lose accuracy, because bouncing all over the place and going crazy," he said. "A silencer does not make a gun silent. It makes it OK for your hearing. It lowers the decibels."

Watch the video below.