WATCH: Ivanka Trump rambles about her dad sparking 'exciting' conversation about domestic abuse in new interview
Ivanka Trump speaking to Dr. Oz (Photo: Screen capture)

In a newly released interview clip, first daughter Ivanka Trump struggled to defend her father's record of standing up for people who are credibly accused of abusing women -- and she instead tried to steer the conversation into an abstract philosophical conversation of what abuse can be deemed "acceptable."

When asked by NBC News' Peter Alexander to talk about President Donald Trump's initial decisions to stick by both failed Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore -- who had been accused by multiple women of making sexual advances toward them when they were teens -- and former staff secretary Rob Porter -- who had been accused of spousal abuse by two ex-wives -- Ivanka tried to deny her father had defended the two men before pivoting to a discussion of domestic violence in general.

"I don't think that's true," she said. "I think that when there are cases of domestic violence, as we saw recently, that cannot be condoned, nobody would condone that, and I think there is a vast spectrum. And I think this is actually a really important conversation for us to be having as a society about what is unacceptable unconditionally."

Trump did not expand on what specific types of domestic violence should be deemed particularly "unacceptable," but she went on to say she was enthusiastic about deciding what kinds of abuse should not be tolerated.

"What has to... we have to be able to talk about and resolve moving forward, I actually think this is a really exciting moment in time, and I think many people are being exposed for doing some really awful things," she said. "And, uhm, I'm proud of the women who are standing up in the face of abusers with credible evidence and incredible stories, and we've seen a lot of those recently."

Watch the video below.