WATCH: Liberal redneck Trae Crowder tells 'NRA to f*ck all the way completely off'
The Liberal Redneck (Screengrab / YouTube)

What to do about school shootings? If you ask gun lovers, the best solution is to fortify every school in America, install metal detectors and then have someone with a machine gun patrolling the halls. If it's good enough for our courts and president, it's good enough for our kindergartners.

The best way to deal with school shootings is to "harden these soft targets by allowing licensed and trained teachers to carry firearms on campus," writes the Federalist.

This new plan is not universally supported. Especially by people who understand that most school districts don't have a lot of money for employing people who walk around with guns all day, waiting to hopefully shoot the shooter before the shooter shoots them and then a bunch of other people.

Liberal Redneck Trae Crowder addressed this issue in a YouTube video last year, and his words are worth hearing.

"You really want armed civilians in rural schools?" he asks. "Let me ask you think: What's the over-under on the number of weeks before some black kid gets blown away for trying to reach for a Butterfinger in his backpack."

Watch the full video below.