WATCH: Security footage shows wild shootout between robber and mother-daughter team at Oklahoma liquor store
A moment from the Tulsa liquor store shootout/Screenshot

A wild firefight broke out between a robber and two clerks inside an Oklahoma liquor store.

Alleged robber Tyrone Lee, who police said is suspected in a spree of armed robberies with a sawed-off shotgun, went into Tulsa's Forest Acres Liquor wearing a black hooded sweatshirt. He carried a sawed-off 12-gauge and cleaned out the register.

As the robber was making his way out of the store, things got wild. Clerks Tina Ring and her daughter, Ashley Lee, both reached for pistols stashed behind the register. They tried to lock the man in a room between the door and the store, but according to the account they gave to a local TV station, the lock failed. The robber rushed back at them, and they opened fire. The skirmish didn't end there, and more rounds were fired as they battled around the store.

The robber got away, but a man who matched his description later showed up at a local hospital seeking treatment for multiple gunshot wounds.

“I’m not even sure he got away with his life at this point,” said a Tulsa police sergeant.

You can watch the wild video below.