NBC News reported Wednesday on new concerns over the White House handing of America's most closely-guarded secrets.

A source with first-hand knowledge admitted being “really concerned with how liberally classified intelligence was being shared.”

The source revealed that the distribution list for the president's daily briefing includes many staffers who lack permanent security clearances.

As The Washington Post reported Friday that President Donald Trump does not read the daily brief.

One senior staff member with access to the daily briefing is senior advisor and Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner. Kushner lacks a permanent security clearance.

“And in the case of Jared Kushner, my sources tell me it is unprecedented for someone to be seeing the presidential daily brief who has not received a full security clearance,” NBC News intelligence and national security reporter Ken Dilanian told Katy Tur on Tuesday.

“This is a document that has the nation’s deepest secrets, including covert operation and top-level intelligence, NSA eavesdropping of foreign leaders, and to have someone looking at that document who hasn’t been fully cleared, who hasn’t been signed off on by the FBI, is unprecedented and it’s a decision directly made by Donald Trump," Dilanian continued.

Last Wednesday, Trump interrupted his daily intelligence briefing to tweet.