'When will you do something?' Teacher at Parkland high school buries Trump's 'empty speech' after massacre
Donald Trump visits Capitol Hill (screen grab)

Sarah Lerner, a language arts teacher at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, buried President Donald Trump on Thursday for what she called an "empty" speech given in the wake of a massacre at her school.

Responding to Trump's speech -- in which he singled out mental health and not easy access to guns as the cause of mass shootings in the United States -- Lerner said that the president wasn't addressing changes to gun laws that are needed to prevent massacres like this from happening in the future.

"Listening to 45 speak about the massacre at MY school makes me miss Barack Obama even more," she wrote. "Nothing of value from 45’s words. An empty speech with no promises made."

She then got personal and pointed out that it was her friends and students who were killed on Wednesday -- and she said the president is still unwilling to do anything to actually make them safer.

"This is MY school," she said. "These are MY friends. These are MY students. When will @realDonaldTrump do something about gun violence? This isn’t just a mental health issue. Ridiculous."

Students at the school have similarly called out Trump for being unwilling to do anything to lessen gun violence in America -- and one student named Sarah called the president a "piece of sh*t" for only offering condolences instead of actions.