'America is being run by Steve Doocy': Maher compares Fox News controlling Trump to the way Putin controls state TV
Bill Maher is furious with Stephen Moore (Photo: Screen capture)

During Friday's "Real Time" panel, host Bill Maher called it downright "scary" the way that President Donald Trump is so impacted by what appears on Fox News each day.

"[Russian President Vladimir] Putin has state TV but Putin isn't an idiot," Maher began. "So, state TV does what Putin wants. I think it's the other way in this country. I think we're being -- America's being run by Steve Doocy!"

MSNBC host Chris Hayes noted that Friday morning someone said, only half joking, that how Fox News covered the omnibus spending bill would determine whether or not Trump would sign it or the government would ultimately shut down.

Maher also wonderd if the GOP was really going to follow Trump down in flames as he claims he is "clean" while special counsel Robert Mueller is "dirty." Hayes noted what the GOP has decided to do is simply "crazy."

"But I think this question about what Republicans do when the chips are down," Hayes continued. "What's crazy to Republicans have signed up for a cover-up without knowing what they're covering up. Which is bizarre and reckless. The problem for them right now is that they're sort of caught. They're like a runner taking too big of a lead off of first base and they can't get back. They have to run forward. So, they're in this bizarre no-man's land where they're like, 'What are you going to do? Do you throw him over now?' Like, what does that get you? I think they've got to take the plunge together."

Watch the full conversation below: