Baltimore's mayor named an ex-cop as her spokesman -- he lasted just one day
Darryl Strange (left) with mayor Catherine E. Pugh during his one and only press conference/Screenshot

Baltimore's mayor introduced her new spokesman on Wednesday morning.

By Wednesday night she was announcing his departure herself, according to the Baltimore Sun.

Darryl Strange resigned his post at city hall after it was revealed that he had connections to lawsuits where the city paid out about $80,000 in taxpayer funds.

“There is an extensive vetting process that takes time to complete,” Mayor Catherine E. Pugh said. “This process was still underway for Mr. Strange.”

Baltimore's police department is notoriously corrupt—officers there carry toy guns to plant on unarmed suspects after they kill them, they're known to give "rough rides" to people like Freddie Gray, who was killed in the back of a police vehicle and they rob people during drug busts.

Among the cases involving Strange were a settlement for a wrongful arrest of the owner of a check cashing store who Strange allegedly shoved into a wall and a car accident in which he smashed his patrol car into a civilian's car.

He also faced a lawsuit for pulling a man who was driving his daughter to the hospital over because he was driving a nice car.

"If you saw a knucklehead that looked like you, driving a big black Mercedes, you would have stopped him too," the man said Strange told him.