Billy Bush recalls Trump told him the strategy that gets people to believe everything he says
Former "Access Hollywood" host Billy Bush (Photo: Screen capture)

During Friday's "Real Time with Bill Maher," former "Access Hollywood" and NBC host Billy Bush recalled what it was like to know President Donald Trump well prior to the election.

Bush confirmed the accounts that Trump would come back stage at the Miss Universe pageants that Bush hosted and would "view the guard like Kim Jong Un reviews the military."

"But we know about Donald Trump," Bush maintained. "We know who the guy is."

He then recalled a time when he finally called Trump out on his claim that he had the best ratings. Bush informed Trump that "you haven't been number one for like five years, four years. Not in any category. Not in any [demographic]."

Trump allegedly cited the last five minutes of the show for those over 35-years-old, pointed to Bush and claimed "I told ya."

"And then later when the cameras are off, he says, 'Billy, look, you just tell them, and they'll believe it. Just tell them and they believe it. They just do,'" Bush recalled.

Watch the full conversation below: