Black hockey fan has banana thrown at him by player at college game
Tyrell Pearce was the victim of abuse at a hockey match in the UK/Screenshot from The Tab

A black hockey fan had a banana thrown at him during a game—apparently by a player.

Tyrell Pearce was assaulted while watching a game at the University of Sheffield, an incident first reported by The Tab. The university recently had a scandal after it was revealed that two students exchanged racist messages in a class chatroom. The matter is being investigated by the university and the police.

Pearce said he and other people in the arena were exchanging friendly banter about the game and then he felt something hit the back of his head. It was a banana.

"I shouted 'who threw the banana?' very angrily, as this is the most racially abused I have been in my entire life," he said. "Not a word was said, a girl in the stand had told me it was one of the guys in a shirt and tie (the hockey team)."

Pearce walked over and confronted the hockey team, asking who threw the banana. They all remained silent.

"Not a single peep out of any of them and not a ounce of eye contact either. I knew it was them," he said.

Pearce says other witnesses have since confirmed the allegation. The security guards told him they could not do anything because there were no security cameras.