Blistering column destroys 'Princess Ivanka' over ties to mobsters and shady business deals
Ivanka Trump (CBS / Screengrab)

An opinion column in the Los Angeles Times artfully lays out the case for Ivanka Trump's complicity in some of her father's worst deeds.

"Oh, Ivanka. Her livelihood is as opaque as her full-coverage foundation, but she plays a critical role in her father's administration—and in the broader danse macabre of corruption and legitimacy," writes columnist Virginia Heffernan.

Heffernan draws a line between Ivanka's "petroleum-based separates, many of them sewn for poverty pay in sweatshops" and Michael Flynn, the former national security advisor who has admitted that he lied to the FBI.

"[Ivanka] praised him for his 'amazing loyalty' and offered him his choice of positions at a transition-team meeting... It was like Princess Ivanka had laid the sword on Flynn's shoulders and said, 'Rise and go forth.'"

In addition to Flynn, as Heffernan points out, Ivanka was tied to Felix Sater, who pleaded guilty to a $40-million stock fraud scheme orchestrated by Russian mobsters, and the late Tamir Sapir, who was tied to a racketeering conspiracy with the Gambino crime family.

"It's impossible to keep track of all the gangsters Ivanka has palled around with," the column reads.

But, Heffernan argues, it's the shady real estate deals that are "even worse."

Read it in full here.