Builder of Miami's collapsed bridge has a strange connection to Paul Manafort
Chinese building magnate Yan Jiehe (second from left) and former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort (second from right) with execs from Munilla Construction Company. Image via Twitter.

In the wake of Thursday's deadly bridge collapse in Miami, Florida, a months-old connection between the company that built the bridge and the Trump campaign has been revealed.

CBS Politics reporter Katie Watson on Thursday afternoon flagged the connection between Munilla Construction Company, the group that built the nearly-finished pedestrian foot bridge near Florida International University, and onetime Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

Linking to an August article from real estate website The Real Deal, Watson included a picture of CMC executives Jorge and Fernando Munilla, the former campaign chairman and Manafort's client Yan Jiehe, the owner of China's largest private building company.

The Real Deal reported in August that Manafort was advising Jiehe on potentially acquiring CMC at the time his home was raided by the FBI last July. The website's August report also pointed out that Manafort, Jiehe and the CMC executives were also photographed together a second time as well.

Though it does not appear that Jiehe ever purchased CMC, business website BisNow reported in September that the company may be under scrutiny due to their relationship with Manafort and the Chinese builder in light of their $66 million contract with Pentagon to build a school at Guantanamo Bay.

"Foreign involvement in such a sensitive project," BisNow's September report noted, "could be problematic."