Cambridge Analytica is fighting a warrant and transferring assets to new company: Channel 4 report
Channel 4 News reporter/Screenshot

The scope of alleged misdeeds by Trump's data firm, Cambridge Analytica, continues to spiral. British press has reported that the company was offered hacked emails from Caribbean and African politicians.

Now, Channel 4 News has reported that Cambridge Analytica is fighting a request by the British Parliament to acquire and execute a warrant. Britain's information commissioner, Elizabeth Denham, is trying to send investigators into the company's offices. This is customary when a company appears to have admitted to committing crimes. Nearly a week after she applied, she is still waiting. Cambridge Analytica asked for an adjournment to take more time yesterday and it was granted.

"They still haven't seen a single piece of data or document inside Cambridge Analytica," the Channel 4 reporter says.

There are concerns about what may have happened inside the company. Alexander Nix was suspended after being caught on video appearing to admit to illegal conduct.

Nix was subsequently hired by another company owned by Trump-supporting billionaire Robert Mercer and his daughter Rebekah, Emerdata.

"Maybe it is just an attempt to simplify the structures, maybe it is just a coincidence..." the reporter says.