CNBC anchor Joe Kernen interrupts guest to angrily tell her he is a climate change denier
Jessi Hempel appears on CNBC (screen grab)

CNBC host Joe Kernen on Tuesday lashed out at a guest for assuming he believes that climate change is a problem.

During a discussion on Squawk Box about the controversy surrounding Facebook data being misused by President Donald Trump's former digital operation, Wired reporter Jessi Hempel compared the scandal to Climate Change.

"This problem, I think about it a little like climate change," Hempel explained. "We all know climate change is a problem but it's so large and intractable that we never quite know..."

The CNBC host interrupted.

"Wait, wait, wait," he said. "Don't -- we all don't know that."

"Okay," Hempel replied.

"Don't speak for me," Kernen grumbled.

"Let me speak for me," the Wired reporter suggested.

"Alright," Kernen said. "Group think I'm not big on."

Watch the video below from CNBC.