CNN's Burnett mocks Mar-a-Lago homebody Trump: 'He doesn't wanna go to Turkey, but he'll congratulate Erdogan any day'
CNN's Erin Burnett (Photo: Screen capture)

When discussing the latest news on Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke's lavish travel habits, CNN host Erin Burnett managed to kill two birds with one stone by joking about the secretary's travel and the president's penchant for congratulating dictators.

Noting that Zinke is at home among other big spenders in President Donald Trump's cabinet, the host flagged recent reports about EPA Secretary Scott Pruitt spending more than $100,000 taxpayer dollars on first-class flights during his first year in his position.

Pruitt, the host noted, spent tens of thousands of dollars on a four-day trip to Morocco — a price tag Trump's friend Rob Astorino said was "was not a lot of money."

The president's confidante noted that the EPA secretary would likely have needed security to travel to the North African country before pivoting to bring up a $14,000 trip taken by Obama-era Attorney General Eric Holder.

"It is a crazy world right now," Astorino said. "It's crazy in America, with threats all over the place, and it's crazy around the world. The last thing we should be worrying about is a cabinet secretary abroad being taken hostage or killed."

"He shouldn't have been there in the first place," former Clinton White House aide Keith Boykin responded.

The host then snuck in a jab at Trump's call earlier in the week to Russian President Vladimir Putin despite being warned against it in all-caps by his national security team.

"Maybe one of the things for public service you give up is getting to go to a place that's risky where you need security detail," Burnett said. "Trump is happy to go to Mar-a-Lago, he has no interest in going to Turkey. Although he'll congratulate [Turkish President Recep Tayyip] Erdoğan any day of the week."

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