CNN's Toobin slaps down Alan Dershowitz for saying Mueller probe has no merit: 'There have been guilty pleas!'
Alan Dershowitz, left, debates Jeffrey Toobin, right, on CNN (Screen cap).

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin quickly slapped down Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz on Friday for arguing that special counsel Robert Mueller's probe has no legal merit.

In making his argument that Mueller's probe should never have been founded, Dershowitz argued that cooperating with Russian government officials to help defeat a political rival isn't a crime, which means that Trump in theory shouldn't be charged with obstructing an investigation that has no legal justification.

"Prosecutors are not supposed to investigate not-criminal conduct," he argued. "They don't have a roving commission to see where the political sins have occurred. They're not supposed to look into whether there were improper political activities, they're supposed to look only for crime."

Toobin, however, had a simple rejoinder to Dershowitz's claim: Mueller has already leveled multiple criminal indictments and has secured three guilty pleas so far to criminal activities.

"Allan, you keep saying there was no criminal conduct here, there have already been guilty pleas, so we know there was criminal conduct here," he shot back.

Dershowitz tried to argue that all the guilty pleas so far have been "low-level" individuals -- but Toobin shot down that argument too.

"The national security adviser, you think that's a low-level person?" Toobin asked incredulously. "Michael Flynn admitted to lying to the FBI!"

Watch the video below.