Colbert nails McCabe firing as White House's 'March Madness': 'Speaking of madness -- Donald Trump'
CBS "Late Show" host Stephen Colbert.

For some "March Madness" is about celebrating the physical prowess of some of the best athletes in college basketball. For the White House, it's just another month of insanity.

“Are you guys enjoying March Madness?” Stephen Colbert asked his Monday audience. “Speaking of madness, Donald Trump.”

He went on to note that the president and his cohorts are, once again, "on the brink of another crisis."

“Because it really feels like Trump is gearing up to fire the special counsel and guy wondering how much he’ll get for his book deal, Robert Mueller,” he half-joked, a little on the nose.

Colbert then mocked Trump's tweet about the 13 "hardened Democrats" that are somehow working for Muller. “By the way, Mr. President, every time Mueller announces indictments, many Democrats are hardened.”

During the Sunday morning talk shows, Sen. Linsey Graham (R-SC) explained Trump firing the special counsel would be the “beginning of the end” for Trump.

“Wait, it’s not even the beginning of the end of his presidency?” Colbert joked. “I thought we were at least at the middle of the beginning of the end! I should’ve gone to the bathroom when Reince Priebus left. Now, I’ve got to hold it to the midterms.”

After the late-night sacking of former deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe a mere 26 hours before his retirement, Colbert accused them of going about it the "wrong" way.

“If you want to get rid of a cop two days before his retirement, you don’t fire him, you send him out on one last job with a rookie,” he continued. “And, because he was fired two days before his retirement, McCabe loses his $60,000 a year pension. $60,000, that's like half a porn star payment.”

He went on to claim it "could all be perfectly innocent," before whispering "it's not."

However, “to avoid looking like he was trying to shut down the Russia investigation, all Trump had to do was not dance on McCabe’s grave,” he noted. Trump couldn't even manage that. Instead he tweeted, “Sanctimonious James Comey was his boss and made McCabe look like a choirboy.”

“And Mr. Trump knows a lot about choir boys,” Colbert went on. “Because everyone who works for him is going to sing.”

He asked the audience to let that sink in.

“This is a sitting president gloating about firing a respected, career FBI official, and smearing another whose firing led to the appointment of the special counsel," Colbert closed. "And none of that shocks me as much as the fact that he spelled ‘sanctimonious’ correctly.”

Watch below: