Dan Rather predicts Trump will try to fire Mueller: 'Hard to imagine a scenario where he doesn't at least try'
Dan Rather (Photo: screen capture)

Legendary journalist Dan Rather on Wednesday predicted that Donald Trump will indeed try to fire special counsel Robert Mueller, a move he said will hinge on the presidents assessment of how Congress will react to such a move.

“Some people think he is going to try to Mueller,” CNN’s Don Lemon introduced. “Is he going to try to get rid of Mueller?”

“The answer is yes, I think he will,” Rather said. “He may not do it directly. He may try to have someone else do it, for example, bring in a new attorney general who will not have to recuse himself. And the attorney general will reach a decision, quote unquote.”

“But it's hard to imagine a scenario going forward where he doesn't at least try to get rid of Mueller,” Rather continued. “I don't know whether he succeeds or not, but that echoes the Nixon administration and Watergate, the famous Saturday Night Massacre when the president did fire the special prosecutor. And it was a firestorm that resulted, in many ways, in Nixon losing the presidency.”

Rather suggested someone has told Trump to “be careful because in the Nixon case it led to his end.”

“Part of the answer to whether President Trump fires Mueller or not will be his judgment of how many people in Congress would back it or how many would take the Lindsey Graham position,” Rather continued.

Sen. Graham (R-SC) has said Trump firing Mueller would be the “beginning of the end” of his presidency.”

Watch below: