'I don't like to see our kids get killed' -- watch veteran break down crying during emotional #MarchForOurLives rally sidewalk speech
An emotional former Marine broke it all down/Screenshot

A Marine veteran who accompanied his daughter to a #MarchForOurLives rally gave one of the most moving speeches of the day to a reporter who stopped to talk to him while he was sitting on the sidewalk.

"I'm tired of cowards using the Constitution as something to hide behind.. Because the Constitution is a beautiful thing," he told a BuzzFeed reporter.

The man said he supports gun rights—with "common sense" limits.

"I actually believe in what President Reagan once said: we may have a right to carry guns but there's no need for us to carry assault rifles to protect our families," he said. "Certain weaponry is made for war."

The man said he's seen these weapons in action in the military, and normal people don't need them.

"Hopefully changes are going to start happening," he said.

Watch below.