'Don't mess with Mueller -- he'll crush you': Ex-CIA officer issues sharp warning to Trump
Special counsel Bob Mueller (left) and President Donald Trump (right). Images via screengrab.

Former CIA officer Phil Mudd joined former Watergate investigator Carl Bernstein and former fall-guy for Richard Nixon, John Dean in urging President Donald Trump and anyone affiliated with him not to mess with special counsel Robert Mueller.

Bernstein noted that there have already been many people who have gone before Mueller release a statement noting the investigators had everything the witness said before he'd even asked them about it.

"It's been a frightening experience," he said for the witnesses. "They've talked as a result of it, as the result of so-called perjury... But the underlying fact is, if there is no 'there' there, if there is no quote collusion or manipulation, or anything of the kind, Donald Trump should welcome Mueller's investigation, because Mueller is the kind of guy who will issue a report that says 'there is no 'there' there.' But that seems very unlikely at this date."

Mudd agreed, noting that he sat beside Mueller for 2,000 meetings and never once "saw him sweat or say anything political."

"I don't think he's sweating this at all," Mudd continued. "I think what you are looking at is a methodical investigation. You start to interview dozens and dozens of people, you review millions of financial records, e-mail records, phone, text records. Then you go in, in a conversation with somebody in the White House, maybe even the president of the United States."

He anticipated what might happen is is that Mueller will collect all of the evidence he can before approaching Trump.

"The investigators, by the time they walked into that meeting, they already know what the answer is," Mudd explained. "This is complicated. This is methodical and the president ought to be cautious if he ever goes into the conversation. Don't ever mess with Director Mueller. He'll crush you."

Watch the full remarks below: