'F*cking n****r!' -- Racist Seattle Lyft driver throws interracial couple out onto the side of the road
Alex Dugdale and Kylie Steinbach/King 5 Screenshot

An interracial couple in Seattle says they were victimized by a racist driver who tossed them out of his car and on to the side of the road and hurled racial epithets at the couple.

Alex Dugdale and Kylie Rae Steinbach called a Lyft on St. Patrick's Day. According to Dugdale's Facebook post about the incident, they asked to stop at 7-11 but the driver declined.

"You know what, you guys can get out of here. I am canceling your ride. Get out of my car," Dugdale told King 5 News.

Steinbach, who is white, asked the driver why and Dugdale, who is black knew. "I said 'he didn't like that we are a couple,'" he wrote.

Dugdale says he got out of the car and went to open his girlfriend's door at which point the driver yelled, "You a**hole, f*cking n*gger" and drove off.

The couple says they contacted Lyft about the incident and found the company less than sympathetic. The Lyft representative said "OK, we won't pair you with this driver again."

The couple has also filed a police report and asked the company to get dashcam footage from the driver.

Watch the local TV station interview with the couple below.