Former FBI agent scorches Fox's Brit Hume for trying to justify Trump's firing of McCabe
Asha Rangappa/Screenshot

Fox News' gruff and most plausibly reasonable political analyst Brit Hume went to bat for Trump in a tweet on Friday, arguing that the fact that the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility found fault with Andrew McCabe made his firing an easy and obvious call.

Former FBI Special Agent Asha Rangappa just smacked Hume down. Anyone who understands the standards that FBI agents are held to understands that it's easy to make a minor mistake that could run afoul of the OPR, says the former counterintelligence agent.

"Given the FBI's mission, that means that every FBI agent must be BEYOND REPROACH. This is a tough standard," she tweeted. "If anyone in the current administration or associated with it were held to the standard FBI agents are in OPR, there would literally be no one left in the Executive Branch."

Here's her brilliant thread, which puts McCabe's alleged "misconduct" into perspective.