Fox & Friends pundit supporting death penalty for drug dealers says they should be executed 'at a young age'
Randy Zelin appears on Fox News (screen grab)

A Fox News pundit on Monday said that President Donald Trump was right to consider the death penalty for drug offenses because it is the "only answer" for stopping drug dealers.

On the Fox & Friends First program, host Heather Childers asked trial attorney Randy Zelin about Trump's recent suggestion that drug dealers should be put to death.

Zelin argued that offenders in drug cases should be put to death even if they understood what they did was wrong and promised to never do it again.

"What about the next Randy Zelin who did this?" Zelin asked. "How do we stop it? And it seems to me that perhaps the ultimate penalty, the ultimate deterrence is the only answer to getting our arms around what is happening in this country with drugs."

Childers speculated that Trump's death penalty idea would only apply to dealers who spiked their product with deadly substances. But Zelin disagreed, saying that it should apply to all drug dealers.

"It's the slippery slope argument," he opined. "And it becomes where is the dividing line. It's all about deterrence. It's all about letting someone know -- perhaps even at a young age -- that if you do this, it's not going to get you the Mercedes and the Rolex and the house and all of the fun stuff. It's going to get a needle in your arm."

"It's that message that needs to be sent, that perhaps may be the only way not to make it so cool to be a drug dealer," he concluded. "Go ask someone in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, in Vietnam, where you're automatically getting it."

Watch the video below from Fox News.