'He could get away with it': CNN panel outlines how Trump can fire Mueller -- and face no consequences
Seth Waxman, left, and Mark Preston, right, appear on CNN (Screen cap).

A CNN panel on Monday outlined a dark scenario in which President Donald Trump fires special counsel Robert Mueller without facing any sort of consequences for his actions.

CNN political analyst Mark Preston said that, while he was skeptical that Trump would be successful in ousting Mueller, he now believes that the president could potentially do so without getting any significant blow back from his own party.

"I think he could get to the point of having Robert Mueller fired now," said Preston. "If you'd asked me this question 30 days ago, I'd say I don't think he could get away with it. I do think he could get away with it now."

Preston went on to explain that all Trump needs is a tiny shred of evidence that the investigation has acted improperly for him to convince his base of voters that it really is a witch hunt out to get him.

"If he were to do it, and he were to be able to grasp onto any little bit, any little bit of misconduct by that office, then I think he could get away with it," he said.

Former federal prosecutor Seth Waxman was more skeptical, however, and said that Trump would have a hard time painting Mueller as a left-wing Democratic hack, especially since he's been a Republican for his entire life.

Watch the video below.