GOP rep blasts Republican hypocrisy over Trump's Stormy Daniels payout: 'If it was a Democrat' there'd be hearings'
Mark Sanford/Screenshot

As a porn star heads to court to sue the president of the United States over their dealings, Republicans may finally be reacting to the Stormy Daniels scandal.

South Carolina Rep. Mark Sanford—who is best known for a sex scandal of his own that stemmed from an affair in which he flew to Argentina to see his mistress and told people he was "hiking the Appalachian trail"—has spoken up about the pending lawsuit, according to the Washington Post's Erica Werner.

The statement starts out with the boilerplate talk of being "deeply troubled" and acknowledging that "everyone makes mistakes."

"That having been said what we can't do in the body politic is whitewash the past or be purely tribal in our thinking," he said. "If it was a Democratic president and hush money had been paid in the campaign, would there be a series of hearings going on.

"Thew problem now is that nobody knows nothing about nothing," he said. "It's like $130,000 went but we don't acknowledge anything."

Read the full statement here.