GOP strategist Rick Wilson warns that John Dowd's ouster is 'one step closer to Trump firing Mueller'
Rick Wilson (Photo: Screen capture)

Republican strategist Rick Wilson on Thursday had some ominous thoughts about what's to come in the wake of the departure of top White House lawyer John Dowd.

Wilson started out by sarcastically calling Dowd's departure as a "perfectly normal" event "in the middle of a gigantic special counsel investigation."

He then said that the real implications of Dowd leaving the White House is the empowerment of conspiracy theorist Joseph E. diGenova, whom Trump brought on this week to his team of White House lawyers.

Even though Wilson doesn't think much of diGenova's legal skills -- "Mueller has chunks of corn in his morning dump bigger than diGenova," he writes -- he does believe that the attorney will push Trump to be more aggressive in shutting down the investigation. In the past, diGenova has said that the entire Russia probe is based on a "deep state" plot that was intended to cripple Trump's presidency.

"This is one step closer to Trump firing Mueller, the Congress shrugging it off, and constitutional crisis of the Trump Train plunging over the cliff," he writes. "It isn't that Dowd's legal advice is bad. It's that the client wants to act out like a petulant child and wants indulgence, no counsel."