GOP's Rick Saccone won't concede House race he lost -- but is already running again in a different district
Rick Saccone does his first post-election interview from inside a gun shop/Screenshot

Pennsylvania Republican Rick Saccone, who lost a high-profile special election to Democrat Conor Lamb in a district Donald Trump carried by 20 points, is not yet conceding his defeat in that race. But he's already running again for a newly redrawn district, reports the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

"I love campaigning in southwest Pennsylvania," Mr. Saccone said in a statement."We need to get to know each other; we need to ensure we identify our needs and create solutions."

Republican ad buys in the special election totaled $7.3 million as the party tried to get voters and Saccone "to know eachother." That dwarfed the $4.4 million put behind Lamb.

Saccone, who bragged of being "Trump before Trump was Trump," lost the race despite intervention by the president and his son in a district that heavily favors Republicans for national office. Saccone joins alleged Alabama child molester Roy Moore in refusing to offer the customary concession. Moore is still fighting a quixotic legal battle to usurp the seat from Sen. Doug Jones.

The Pennsylvania GOP is digging in its heels and probing the race for "irregularities."

Saccone is being called a "sore loser" on Twitter.

Saccone is doing nothing to re-brand himself after the stinging loss in Trump country. He granted his first post-election from inside a gun shop.