Humiliation: Watch Trump's name get torn off Panama hotel amid feud with owners
A worker tears down President Donald Trump's name from the Trump International Hotel in Panama (Screen cap).

The Trump Organization was formally evicted from the Trump International Hotel in Panama on Monday morning -- and the building's owner wasted no time in taking down Trump's name.

As ABC News reports, Trump Organization staffers were forcibly removed by police from the building on Monday amid a fight with owner Orestes Fintiklis over management of the hotel.

"I am the owner," Fintiklis taunted to staffers as they were led out of the building. "Love and peace!"

Fintiklis then sat down at the hotel's piano in its lobby and played a song that included the lyrics, "Fascism will not prevail."

And as the final humiliation, Fintiklis ordered Trump's name to be ripped off from the outside of the hotel -- check out ABC News' video footage of Trump's name being torn down below.