Internet rallies behind son of NYT's Haberman after he creates a Twitter account to slam Trump's criticism of his mom
New York Times' reporter Maggie Haberman (left) and President Donald Trump inside the Oval Office. Image via screengrab.

On Sunday, President Donald Trump slammed the New York Times' White House correspondent Maggie Haberman as a "Hillary [Clinton] flunky" who doesn't have any access.

In response, Haberman's son, Max Gregorian, created his own Twitter account to blast the president on his favorite medium — and gained his own defenders in the process.

"How I (want to) react when @realDonaldTrump criticizes my mom," the 12-year-old tweeted, using a gif of Luke Skywalker brushing debris off of his shoulder to describe his feelings.

In response, journalists and laypeople alike rallied around Gregorian, congratulating him for joining Twitter to defend his mom and expertly referencing Star Wars in one fell swoop.

"Padawan with the Jedi move," Eqsquire's Max Potter tweeted.

"Max Gregorian in 2048," another user posted.

Check out the best responses below: