'Interpret it how you want to': GOP House Russia probe head says it’s a ‘glass half full’ question if Putin wanted Trump
Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin (Wikimedia Commons)

Congressman Mike Conaway, the Texas Republican running the House Russia probe, acknowledged that Russians were trying to “hurt” Clinton in 2016, the Daily Beast reported Tuesday.

“Only Putin knows for sure what he was trying to do,” Rep. Conaway claimed. Theoretically, Conaway was put in charge of the House Intelligence Committee investigation into President Donald Trump after the supposed recusal of Chair Devin Nunes (R-CA).

“If the glass is half empty or the glass is half full, there’s still the same amount of water in the glass,” he continued. “So if Putin did things to hurt Hillary that helped Trump––ok. If he did things to hurt Hillary to make sure that if she was president, she didn’t have as effective a presidency, you can interpret it either way you want to.”

On Monday, Republicans on the Intelligence Committee released a draft report that rejected the conclusions of the intelligence committee.

“We have found no evidence of collusion, coordination, or conspiracy between the Trump campaign and the Russians,” the committee’s summary read.

“In terms of whether Putin wanted to help or not, each person gets to look at the evidence for themselves and decide for themselves,” Rep. Conaway told The Beast.