'It's like a vampire': Colbert's Cartoon Trump explains why he doesn't want pictures of his penis to see the light of day
Showtime's 'Our Cartoon President' taking questions in the White House press room.

The "tru-ish misadventures" of President Donald Trump were parodied in a new episode by Showtime's Our Cartoon President. The show, produced by Stephen Colbert and his Late Show executive producer Chris Licht, featured a White House press conference with the commander in chief discussing his legal strategy and penis.

"Spring has sprung. All winter long, adult film stars have been hibernating -- bellies full of fish -- now they're all emerging from their caves and giving interviews to Anderson Cooper," the Cartoon President told the assembled journalists.

"Sir, why haven't you refuted the Stormy Daniels allegations," a reporter asked.

"I'm trying to take the high road," the Cartoon President explained "and do everything I can not to have a picture of my penis go public."

"I mean, that thing is like a vampire," the Cartoon President said of his penis. "Bloodless, can't see it in a mirror. And at first Eastern European women fall in love with it, but eventually they try to drive a wooden stake through it."