Jake Tapper highlights the shocking level of White House strife: 'It’s not quite the Red Wedding but…'
CNN's Jake Tapper. Image via screengrab.

CNN's Jake Tapper on Tuesday noted that President Donald Trump's scandalous firings over the past day bears a resemblance to one of the most memorable scenes in HBO's Game of Thrones.

"It wasn't quite the 'Red Wedding,'" Tapper said, referencing multiple bloody beheadings at a royal marriage in the historical fantasy series, "but three top Trump administration officials have been axed in the just the past 24 hours or so."

Responding to the abrupt ouster of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, the host reported that sources within the White House warned that "more significant administration departures are expected."

Tapper noted that earlier in the day, Trump "told reporters that Tillerson will be 'much happier now,' acknowledging that they never quite saw eye-to-eye — especially, one might imagine, on that whole 'moron' thing."

Watch below, via CNN: