Jake Tapper shuts down NRA’s Loesch for claiming CNN isn’t covering hero officer who confronted Maryland school shooter
CNN's Jake Tapper and NRA TV's Dana Loesch, composite image.

NRA TV, the video propaganda arm of the National Rifle Association, received a brutal fact check by CNN's Jake Tapper on Tuesday.

It started with a bizarre conspiracy theory by NRA TV personality Dana Loesch, claiming that CNN and MSNBC have not covered the school resource officer who ended a school shooting at Great Mills High School.

"We won't see any stories on CNN, on MSNBC, on any of those talking head circuits about this hero, this [Great Mills High School] armed resource officer, who did the opposite of what Scot Peterson did...what Broward Sheriff did...what [Broward Superintendent] Robert Runcie did," Loesch claimed.

Tapper need but one word to respond to such an outlandish claim.

Tapper also offered evidence.