John Dowd praised Mueller as 'terrific' after he stepped down from Trump's legal team
Trump lawyer John Dowd (Photo: Emory University)

John Dowd, who formerly headed Donald Trump’s legal team in special counsel’s Robert Mueller’s Russia prone, praised the chief prosecutor investigating his former client after he resigned from his role on the president’s defense, the National Law Journal reports.

“I have said before and I’ll say again: We had a terrific relationship with Mueller—the best that I can recall in my 50 years of practice,” Dowd said. “It was terrific, completely open, people trusted each other, and we had no misunderstandings.”

Dowd spoke with the National Law Journal five days after he stepped down from his role.

“I’m not going to discuss why I resigned,” Dowd said. “It was very hard work. You had to pay attention every day.”

Asked who is spearheading the Trump team’s conversations with Mueller, the Dowd said he expects Jay Sekulow “is doing that now.”

“I really do wish [Trump] well,” Dowd insisted. “I’m in his corner.”

Wednesday, the New York Times reported that Dowd had floated the idea of issuing pardons for former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and former campaign chairman Paul Manafort. Dowd denied that report.