Jordan Klepper hilariously mocks Tomi Lahren after she attacked Parkland students for not 'marching for something'
Jordan Klepper mocks Tomi Lahren (Photo: Screen capture)

Right-wing pundit Tomi Lahren celebrated the "March for Our Lives" rally complaining about the teens leading the rallies across the United States.

"Simply being anti-NRA is not a solution," Lahren tweeted. "March FOR something, not just against everything."

Comedy Central's Jordan Klepper, who plays a faux far-right Alex Jones-like commentator on "The Opposition," pretended to agree.

"Yes! Great point, Tomi!" he exclaimed. "You have to march for something. Like, what is the 'March for Our Lives' even for? Be clear! The left is, of course, going to go full seal just applauding these teens for coming out in record numbers and waking up before noon on a Saturday."

He claimed, however, that the "real-eyed realists of America," he said, were willing "to call out the mess you made." He cited a Breitbart report that detailed the graphic photos of what they claimed were teens "trashing" the streets of Washington, D.C. The photos show trash cans with trash piled on them. Two signs were spotted flattened on the sidewalk.

"There were literally twos of signs scattered across the street," Klepper said with fake-disgust.

"Oh just look at that garbage," he continued, showing a garbage can with signs rolled up in it. "People were littering right into that trash can! I can't think about new gun laws if I'm tripping over a landfill of adolescent sass!"

Watch his full segment below: