Joy Behar tears down Sarah Huckabee Sanders: ‘That girl is an amateur liar -- Trump is a professional'
Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Joy Behar

“The View” on Thursday ripped Sarah Huckabee Sanders over her response to the “Stormy Daniels saga,” with co-host Joy Behar calling the White House press secretary “an amateur liar.”

Whoopi Goldberg explained that during a press briefing Wednesday, Huckabee Sanders insisted while “none of the allegations” of a hush money payout by Donald Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen “are true,” the case has nonetheless “been won in arbitration.”

“Arbitration?” Goldberg asked. “So she's kind of just confirmed that there was an arbitration over the nondisclosure agreement, which would mean this is the first time that the White House is admitting that an NDA even exists and it directly involves Stormy Daniels and you-know-who.”

“Is this going to change anything?” Goldberg asked. “Do people care? Where are we?”

“Can I just say one thing about [Huckabee Sanders]? That girl is an amateur liar," Joy Behar said as Meghan McCain protested. "Her boss is a professional.”

“She's not a good liar is what you're saying,” Goldberg replied.

“She's not good enough of a liar,” Behar explained. “Like, ‘Out of the mouths of babes comes the truth,’ you know?It was almost like, painful to watch that.”

Watch below, via ABC: