'Just absurd': CNN legal analyst blows smoke at Trump's fixation with McCabe and the so-called 'deep state’
Donald Trump during CNN debate (Photo: Screen capture via video)

CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin on Friday lifted the veil on the Trump administration’s fixation with embattled FBI official Andrew McCabe, explaining the prospect of McCabe losing his pension for authorizing leaks about Hillary Clinton is “just absurd.”

Donald Trump’s attorney general, Jeff Session, is poised to make a decision on whether to fire McCabe, preventing the onetime deputy FBI director from collecting his pension.

“We know this is about whether [McCabe] authorized someone to speak to the press,” Toobin said. “People from the FBI talk to the press all the time. “So the idea that this is somehow something that should cost him his expense absurd. Second, we know that the alleged leak had to do with information that was negative about Hillary Clinton, not about Donald Trump.”

“So the idea that this president—who is so fixated on the fact there's a deep state conspiracy to get him—is considering, or his deputy is considering, firing someone and taking away their pension for releasing information about Hillary Clinton is just absurd,” Toobin added.

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