'Kids have died!': Angela Rye has 'accidental tantrum' schooling GOP panelist on the NRA
Angela Rye vs. Alice Stewart (Photo: Screen capture)

During a discussion about the activism expressed at the 90th Academy Awards Sunday, commentator Angela Rye refused to let the National Rifle Association off the hook for being out of touch with Americans.

It began with Republican strategist Alice Stewart citing Kumail Nanjiani's comment that most in Hollywood don't know where Pakistan and Iowa are on a map. She explained that the "bubble" makes them out of touch with the rest of the world. She went on to call Hollywood hypocrites for sitting in a theater with armed guards while trashing the NRA. She brought up veterans and other buzzwords, none of which had anything to do with the gun lobby.

"So, Alice, are you on retainer?" Rye quipped. "Like last week we were sitting right here... and you did this same NRA public service announcement. Like these folks are as wrong as two left shoes. They are wrong. This isn't about the NRA standing up to protect people in Hollywood. This isn't about people who are out of touch. The NRA is out of touch."

She went on to explain that even laying partisanship aside, the fact that the NRA seems to be continuing to lobby for more guns, now in classrooms, ignores the deaths experienced not only in Parkland, Florida but Las Vegas, Sandy Hook and other mass shootings

"Let's lay partisanship aside. Let's lay all of this aside and say, kids have died. The NRA is out of touch. They are in God's way," Rye continued, quoting rapper Common from his Oscar performance. "Common had it right, right? Like we didn't need anybody to tell us that. We don't need you on here telling us how amazing the NRA is. They're not. They're terrible. They are terrible, and it's high time that somebody that wasn't just standing up for the Second Amendment -- and we don't even have time to unpack all of that. But, like, it's high time that there is an organization that competes with them to say, we are not going to allow you to buy public service. That is not for sale. You owe everything to this country. You owe public servants. You have to protect your constituents."

She concluded by saying she simply "can't deal" with the "NRA PSA tonight."

Watch the commentary below: