Kremlin says Trump congratulated Putin on his electoral win -- and then discussed a face-to-face meeting
Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin (MSNBC)

Tensions have been rising between Russia and several Western democracies in recent months -- but that apparently isn't stopping President Donald Trump from wanting to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin face to face.

According to BBC reporter Daniel Sandford, a Kremlin-produced readout of a phone call that took place between Putin and Trump on Tuesday morning claims that Trump "congratulated" his Russian counterpart on his electoral win this week -- and didn't once mention the nerve agent attack unleashed in the United Kingdom against a former Russian spy.

It is possible that Trump did bring up the nerve agent attack and that his mention of it was not part of the Kremlin's official readout.

Per AFP reporter Andrew Beatty, the Kremlin also claims that Trump and Putin discussed meeting face-to-face -- and specifically said that "special attention has been paid to working out the issue of holding a possible meeting at the highest level.