Leaked email shows Cambridge Analytica wanted more Russian hacks to 'fracture' Hillary’s base
Hillary Clinton - screenshot

A newly leaked email shows that an employee at Cambridge Analytica was chomping at the bit for new hacked emails from Hillary Clinton's campaign that the company could help spread to "fracture" Hillary Clinton's base.

The email, obtained by Daily Beast reporter Betsy Woodruff, was sent on July 29, 2016, which was just two days after then-candidate Donald Trump publicly asked Russia to release any emails that it might have hacked from Hillary Clinton's private server that she used while serving at the State Department.

The email was written by Cambridge Analytica employee Emily Cornell, who hinted to colleagues that there were more Clinton-related emails set to drop in the coming weeks.

“With her campaign getting hacked, I can only imagine what a new swatch [sic] of emails will do to her already fractured base!” she wrote.

Cornell's email was written one week after WikiLeaks had dropped emails stolen from the Democratic National Committee. However, the organization would not release hacked emails from the Clinton campaign until months later in October.

It is not clear from the leaked email, however, if Cornell had direct foreknowledge of Clinton's campaign emails getting hacked by Russia or if she was simply confusing hacked emails from the DNC with hacked emails from the campaign.