Leaks from Trump's own legal team reveal they're scrambling in desperation
President Donald Trump and Michael Cohen, composite image. (Photo of Trump by Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

According to New York Magazine columnist Jonathan Chait, it's becoming obvious that President Donald Trump and his attorneys are getting desperate.

Examining leaks from Trump's own legal team that appeared in the Wall Street Journal and BuzzFeed, it's obvious they're searching for a way out. Last week, The Journal reported that the lawyers made a huge demand of special counsel Robert Mueller. They asked that if Trump agrees to meet with investigators, would Mueller end the probe after 60 days.

BuzzFeed exposed Trump's lawyers for frantically searching for ways to block the "60 Minutes" interview with adult film star Stormy Daniels about her deal with lawyer Michael Cohen.

Over the weekend, lawyer Ty Cobb was quoted by the New York Times telling friends "for weeks that he views his position as temporary and does not expect to remain in the job for much longer.” Cobb has consistently maintained Trump should fire Mueller since the investigation wasn't completed by Thanksgiving 2017.

Since those reports, Bloomberg wrote Monday that Mueller is considering waiting for the entire investigation to be finalized before bringing in Trump.

"So, the lawyer who has been holding Trump back from taking drastic action seems to be on his way out," Chait said of the collection of stories. "And Trump’s lawyers are contemplating some extremely rash strategies that have about a zero percent chance of succeeding."

He noted that pundits are all speculating about what is going on behind the doors of the law offices, but it seemed like an explosion of stories over the last four days exposing the team is floundering.