'Let's get stupid strong': Watch Stephen Colbert 'get fully ripped' with Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Stephen Colbert and Ruth Bader Ginsberg

In a truly one-of-a-kind segment on “The Late Show,” host Stephen Colbert met with Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (“Notorious RBG”) to join the women’s rights icon at her well-documented stomping ground: the gym.

Ginsburg, whose workout routine has inspired how-to articles and personal essays, spoke with Colbert at the Watergate Hotel Gym in Washington.

Colbert expressed disbelief that Ginsberg would even exercise, noting if he had “a lifetime appointment to a job that let me wear a robe, I would definitely let myself go.”

“Nothing but fondue, 24-7,” Colbert joked.

Ginsberg (who was clad in a black sweatshirt that read “Super Diva”) noted her nickname, Notorious RGB, was derived from rapper Notorious BIG, prompting Colbert to ask what she has in common with Biggie Smalls.

“We’re both born and bred in Brooklyn, New York,” Ginsberg replied, as Colbert added she, like Biggie, is “always spitting [her] truth.”

Before hitting Ginsberg’s famous exercise routine, Colbert asked her to weigh in on one of the most polarizing debates in the nation: “Is a hotdog a sandwich?”

“You tell me what a sandwich is and I’ll tell you if a hotdog is a sandwich,” Ginsberg replied.

Colbert described a sandwich as two pieces of bread with almost any filling except another piece of bread. The Justice asked if "two pieces of bread" includes a roll.

“That’s the crux, you’ve got it immediately,” Colbert replied. “See this is why you’re on the Supreme Court.”

After discovering that—at least according to Colbert—a hotdog is indeed a sandwich, “The Late Show” host and Ginsberg started on the Justice’s routine.

“Let’s get fully ripped and exploded, let’s get shredded, lets get stupid strong,” Colbert offered.

Watch the segment below: